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Registered Massage Therapists and Certified Reflexologist

Our Registered Massage Therapists have a wide range of modalities at their disposal. Their wealth of experience enhances their professional care in bettering the lives of others through hands on techniques. 

Whether your interest in Massage Therapy comes from a commitment to wellness or from a need to resolve or manage an acute or chronic condition, their experience, training and exposure informs their ability to address those needs with expertise. 

Massage Therapy can be applied to most soft tissue problems and many stress related conditions. Modalities span from  light work such as cranio sacral and lymphatic massage to deep tissue and trigger point therapy. Massage Therapy can address specific chronic issues such as TMJ (jaw pain,) RSS (repetitive strain,) lumbago (low back pain,) migraine, and acute conditions such as sprains, strains, post surgery or accidents. Massage Therapy also extends to general health care and enhancement through restorative and relaxation centred massage.

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Massage Team

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