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Homeopath, Reiki Practitioner, STOTT PILATES® Lead Instructor Trainer

Rie Sakamoto was brought to Homeopathy through her own experience. Her long-term hormonal issues and severe chronic fatigue, which could not be treated by any conventional medicine, were cured only by Homeopathy. Rie found Homeopathy to be the perfect way of achieving her goal - helping people gain mental, physical and emotional health.

Rie graduated from Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine as a valedictorian in 2015 and she was awarded the Excellence in Homeopathy Scholarship. Since she became a Registered Homeopath, she has successfully treated a wide range of conditions: infertility, hormonal issues, allergies, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, autoimmune diseases and mental illness.

Homeopathy stimulates our own healing ability in order to restore health without suppressing the symptoms or causing any side effects. It is safe for everyone including infants and pregnant women. Although Homeopathy is often used for chronic diseases that have not responded to conventional treatment or that return after medication is discontinued, it is also effective for acute conditions such as colds or injuries. Homeopathy brings a greater sense of overall well-being by increasing energy, improving sleep, balancing moods and strengthening the immune system.

Rie Sakamoto 

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